FSO in English

Finlands Svenska Orienteringsförbund r.f. (FSO), is a coordinating service organisation with a purpose of enhancing the sport of orieentering in Swedish in Finland. FSO also acts as a region within the Finnish national federation, Suunnistusliitto.

The aim of the Organization is to maintain best possible pre-requisites for its member clubs to practice and evolve orienteering as a sport within Swedish speaking parts of Finland. FSO regards it important that sport, in this case orienteering, is practiced according to valid rules aswell as in harmony with approvable morals and ethics.

The long-term aim of FSO is to offer ”Orienteering in Swedish speaking parts of Finland – on all levels”.

FSO’s mission is to

  • Offer possibilities to practice the sport of orienteering in swedish in Finland no matter the age, gender or level.
  • Create activities that support member clubs and their members from children to elite level no matter their ambitions.
  • Together with its’ member clubs create activities that make the orienteering sport attractive and successful.
  • To be regarded as a serious actor within orienteering in Finland.

CANCELLED – Information about Baltic Junior Cup 2020 – hosted by FSO – can be found here.